FWA Careers Services is a full spectrum careers advisory firm with the primary objective of enabling brighter futures for Nigerian children, by providing access to extensive, affordable and world class careers advice to young people from age 12 – 18 years.

Creating a Bright Future for young people

What we do
The quality of career advice children receive often affect the rest of their lives. We ensure they get the right guidance, helping your precious wards to chart a sure career path through the dynamic global market. We offer intensive Career Mentor Program for students from age 12 years, helping them achieve their personal ambitions through good choices of academic careers.

Our “Career Mentor Program” provides your children with:
• A thorough assessment of their career and study interests, personal strengths and weaknesses and their potential. The assessment is carried out using skill assessment tools, psychometric tests and a careful focused exploration of their individual career hopes, dreams and aspirations.

• An action plan for education, training and employment to help them achieve their goals.

• Good understanding of the local and global job market and insights on best choices of qualifications, careers and study routes.

The thoroughness of our assessments and the dedicated attention given on a one on one basis helps build confidence and the resulting certainty that they have made the right decisions about their studies and that their future qualifications will lead to enjoyable and rewarding careers, will motivate your children to work harder and more consistently at their academic and vocational pursuits.