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May 2, 2014
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May 4, 2014
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We just revamped our website

fwa website design lagosIt is not like one of those days when you look at yourself and feel that you are bored with the same look and need to go for a haircut, no! this is a complete makeover. We needed a new brand identity that speaks our essence and communicates our message. It was a complete makeover, from the logo design to the website and other marketing materials.

We went online looking for the best logo and website designer in Nigeria, and yes we found one-Eloquent Touch Media. Bringing creativity and working with our team to develop a concept that gives every visitor a keepsake, we also tried to make sure that whoever visits our website leaves with his/her hands full – full of a little more knowledge

And so, while our new website keeps the essence of our formation alive, it brings with it the touch of the modern Web 2.0. Our web designers have made the website visually appealing yet simple and easy to navigate. We also have also included an O*NET Interest Profiler that helps you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.

What culminated by blending these brilliant insights, ideas and efforts is our new and contemporary look!


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